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  • Herculaneum

  • Vesuvius

  • Pompeii


approx 8 hours


  • Bottled water

  • Driver

  • Hotel/Port pick up

  • Professional Guide (if request)


  • Lunch

  • Entrace fees

  • Gratuity

Departure point:

  • personal accommodation 

  • port of call

Departure time:

  • 8.30/9.00 A.M.


  • flexible


  • pick up point



At time of booking please provide:

  • address of your accommodation 

  • ship name, docking time, disembarkation time and re-boarding time if Cruise ship passengers


You will be provided with an English speaking driver for transportation service, on your request, it is also available a private guide (with extra charge), for the whole day or just for the visit of the ruins.  The driver will be waiting for you at your port of arrival,  or outside of your accommodation, holding a sign with your name on it.



Unfairly upstaged by Pompeii’s ancient offerings, the Ruins of Herculaneum have a wealth of archaeological finds, from ancient advertisements and stylish mosaics, to carbonised furniture and terror-struck skeletons, Smaller, less crowded, and not as ruined as its famous big sister, Herculaneum offers a closer, more intimate peek into ancient Roman life.



The 4,000-foot-high Vesuvius, mainland Europe’s only active volcano, has been sleeping restlessly since 1944. While Europe has other dangerous volcanoes, only Vesuvius sits in the middle of a three-million-person metropolitan area. Walk up till the top and enjoy spectacular panorama from its crater – a breathtaking panorama that takes in sprawling city, sparkling islands, and the Monti Picentini, part of the Apennine mountains.


A once-thriving commercial port of 20,000, Pompeii grew from Greek and Etruscan roots to become an important Roman city. Then, on August 24, A.D. 79, everything changed. Vesuvius erupted and began to bury the city under 30 feet of hot volcanic ash. For the archaeologists who excavated it centuries later, this was a shake-and-bake windfall, teaching them volumes about daily Roman life.

Evviva! Messaggio ricevuto.

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